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Jim, who graduated from high school in the meantime, made friends with guitarists Steve Chastain and Dan Cresci, with them he started jamming until they even played at a couple of parties. After the brief folk moment came the goal of playing at a high school dance and so Jim Sanders pushed to add to the vocals and guitars a rhythm Topeka night date ideas, bass and drums. The bar was and is almost exclusively frequented by veterans of the military.

To my surprise, the circle is, while beaten a bit out of round, still unbroken. The American Legion Hall includes a bar on one side of the building, b ut it has a separate entrance for the bar.

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With him and Dave Sprinkel I started playing together. It seems Grove OK girl meet Jerry Lee Lewis, among others, stopped there for a concert. Merced was a bastion of conservative politics — large corporate farm growers. All I wanted to do was play guitar. As a result, I wanted to learn to play drums or guitar.

Until the age of 13 my only time to hear live music was at the Fair which was a yearly event.

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Dave rented a Farfisa organ from Record Rendezvous, and Hogan had his own bass and Andy had his own drum kit. It was not a great time for independent thinking, whichever side of the cultural divide you appeared to be on. Jeff Sanders. We had become the embryo for the Morelochs. The Pendeltons, Tokays, and The Brogues to name a few. I was pissed.

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All four of us knew each other and were friends in High School. The rest is history!

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Jim Sanders. The base, which closed in the s, was the primary training center for US bomber and air tanker crews. Bringing big dating Salinas CA guy to a town like Merced has had never been done before or since.

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I also listened to Ray Charles albums a lot. As such, it had a permanent contingent of both military and civilian workers, and also a large rotating cheap date night Vallejo CA contingent of air and ground crews. Dave Sprinkel. We have remained life long friends. Towards the end of the effort teenagers were travelling several hundred miles to attend. The Brogues broke Rosa dating for expats when the lead guitar player was drafted.

The bar could be open to the main hall for adult events, but the connecting doors were always closed during the dances for young people. Anyway, after that, Andy Daniels approached me to see if I would be interested in ing a band. They were an inspiration to me.

I grew up on a ranch in the country outside of Merced. I was in a couple of high school talent shows singing in folk and rock one-time groups. They played the British invasion songs and sounded authentic at it.

Merced also benefited at that time from the federal money that came to nearby Castle Air Force Base. Most of the local bands of the period followed a rather simple but well-tested formula: wearing matching stage clothes and performing covers by artists with radio hits, such as Freddy King and Magic Sam. Most of the songs were instrumental and in the case of songs with sung lyrics, they were often limited to being interpreted by a single member of the band. As time passed, I accumulated some live sound gear and percussion gear, and recording gearand started Glendale AZ sex stories free and mastering music again.

My oldest brother Bob did not play an instrument but became a locally famous radio disc jockey in the Elvis Presley era. After the folk experience and before the birth of bosnian Santa Ana dating Morelochs there was the first experience as a rock quintet.

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Unfortunately my goal of becoming a rock star never happened, we have another chance of making that happen. So over time I was in Crystal Syphon and later in bar bands playing drums and singing. However, the real turning point in his musical life came thanks to the fortuitous encounter with Tom Salles, and to their shared passion for Beatles records.

Bob Hesse and I became friends in that half-day class. I would connect with them a few years later. All free chat Fort Wayne IN women happened beforethe year the four Beatles landed in America. These shows were mostly promoted by Vince J. September approximately. Dave Gresham and I were classmates from middle school through high school. Merced was more cosmopolitan then than it has been in other periods of its existence. Once that happened, we know that things started to go in another direction. I continued into my sophomore year in Jacksonville Florida FL dating web school acting and singing in every play I could get into.

I worked on the first Crystal Syphon CD, where the surviving band members met again and started playing together.

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A couple of days later I was approached by our drummer, Andy Daniel, who said they were putting together a group and wanted me to them. The lineup is basically the one that will remain stable for some time apart from the future entry of Jeff Sanders and the change of the bass player.

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My sister played the flute, my brother Jim learned clarinet, and I played trombone. I had to borrow a Fender Mustang guitar from a friend, and an amp from another friend. With John, who also had an amplifier with reverb and tremolo, sometimes after school we would go around for hours playing that one song. Early in the year everyone took an intelligence test and based on a high test score I was put in a half-day class at a different school. I decided early that I crossdresser dating Peoria to be a singing movie star and enrolled in drama classes starting in fourth grade.

The story of crystal syphon – part 1. from beginnings to morelochs

From that time on he ed us on drums. When I was in high school, many of my friends had dating a korean Pueblo guy, acoustic and electric. The permanent officers lived in Merced and Atwater, which added a layer of educated and flirt Baytown population which was not present in other San Joaquin Valley communities and is largely absent from the city today.

It was called the Rapid-Learners class. During the Vietnam War there was some hostility from the veterans of WWII and the Korean War in the bar towards the teens and hippies on the other side of the wall. I played his music all day everyday and I sang along with it. A musician, singer and songwriter who played in several local bands before being ed by Specialty Records was Roddy Jackson.

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Before that year was over I was playing guitar at school and backing up my school choir. The Beatles were coming out and I learned all their songs. We started talking and soon we found ourselves tinkering a bit with the music. We also played at a student dance with Richard Hogan on bass and if I remember correctly Andy Daniel.

Dating with Dallas Texas guy our family moved from the farm into the City of Merced, I went to Fremont School in the fifth grade.

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I watched all his movies and I wanted to be Elvis when I grew up! I moved to Los Angeles in the mids and worked in the recording business, where I became a very busy mastering engineer creating the masters for vinyl records. Vincent J Lavery. In high school there bands playing chatting online free Topeka KS venues around town.

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In the late 50s and the 60s, Merced was a town of about 20, people. We all played American Football. My mother and her family were thought of as musically gifted, but my mother and her sisters had their music careers and college experiences cut short by the Great Depression and the World War that followed. Much later, inI moved back to Merced, where I taught English and History, and helped raise two children. Dating Missouri boys whole audience thought it was not live!

The flavor of my experience in those times is reflected in the lyrics of a of our songs, which are not the most positive among our contemporaries.

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Folk music was very popular, so in the spring of Jeff Sanders Merced, California 13 September together with his brother Jim Merced, California, 17 April decided to put together a band to play during the Merced High School Hootenanny April In addition to Bob Hesse on guitar, David Gresham ed the group. The Brogues made the biggest impression on me. We practiced in their living room while the parents sat reading their newspapers. In when I was 13 I got a Yuma AZ sex free for Christmas and my world took a major turn. Elk Grove dating ladies told the teacher that I wanted the lead part in every play and would like to sing if the play required that.

It was my first memory of wanting to play in a rock band, but at that time I only knew how to play the clarinet which was flirt massage Mobile instrument that no rock band seemed to use. I will not get into family history, but I will tell you I was a huge Elvis fan at the ripe old age of seven.

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Tom Salles. Roger later quit the group and ed the Navy. My first play required me to learn the harpsichord and sing a couple of Irish songs. The most important local band that emerged in that time was certainly The Merced Blue Notes, one of the very few bands that in the early s consisted of a mix of African American and Mobile AL law dating musicians. Jeff, Hesse and I played football American football, ndr together. The Merced Blue Notes were one of the first local and somewhat famous groups that I listened to in my teenage years.