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The quality of Oregon State University is sustained through the dedicated and creative work of the faculty.

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Transmittals request action from grand Jackson speed dating provide policy, training, and other information related to the delivery of developmental disabilities services. This applies to workers with active provider s irrespective of employment status or familial relationship.

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This Executive Order does not apply to offices and buildings owned or occupied by the state legislative and judicial branches, federal government, local governments, and tribal governments. I also ed an executive order directing the State to begin a phased, data-driven, and regionally tailored approach to reopening social, economic, and other activities in Oregon.

Men in Moreno Valley looking for love telework and work-from-home options are not available, businesses and non-profits must deate an employee or officer to establish, implement, and enforce physical distancing policies.

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At the direction of the Governor, OHA may from time to time modify that guidance, as necessary. Businesses and non-profits must comply with any applicable OHA guidance, including but not limited to guidance for employers. Whenever possible, Oregonians should travel the minimum distance necessary to or from a home, dating filipinas in Danbury CT, or workplace; for obtaining or providing food, shelter, consumer needs, education, health care, or emergency services; for receiving or rendering essential business and government services; for the care of family members, household members, elderly persons, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities, or other make friends online not dating Maryland persons, pets, or livestock; for travel as directed by government officials, law enforcement, or courts; and for other economic, social, or recreational activities allowed by or consistent with my Executive Orders and OHA guidance.

These actions included but were not limited to limitations on gatherings; closing schools; taking steps to protect those in congregate living situations; declaring an abnormal market disruption; banning on-site consumption of food and drink at food establishments statewide; suspending in-person instructional activities at higher education institutions; ordering the postponement of non-urgent health care procedures in order to conserve personal protective equipment PPE and hospital beds; and imposing a Oregon expectation dating service moratorium on residential and commercial evictions.

Put simply, the difficult work of Hemet free wright dating the statewide bengali dating Pueblo of this virus must continue.


Additionally, the following baseline requirements apply until modified in Phase I, Phase II, or otherwise:. Cultural, online dating Nampa ID free, and faith-based gatherings of 25 or fewer people are allowed only if a distance of at least six feet can be consistently maintained between individuals from different households.

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Counties will be allowed to move through the phases at different paces. Individuals should maintain physical distancing of at least six feet from any person who is not a member of their household, when possible, and should adhere to any applicable Oregon Health Authority OHA guidance, including but not limited to guidance on physical distancing and face coverings.

Businesses and non-profits that fail to comply with paragraph 5 of this Executive Order will be closed until they demonstrate compliance. It is essential to the health, safety, and welfare of the State of Oregon during the ongoing state of emergency that individuals continue to stay going Idaho on a date or near their home or place of residence, when possible.

Paragraphs 2—10 of this Executive Order outline the baseline requirements that apply, statewide, before a county or the State enters Phase I, and continue to apply unless and until modified.

Agency Main Content. At the direction of the Governor, OHA or another appropriate state agency may issue guidance allowing one or more of these types of facilities to open, either as part of the phased reopening process or otherwise. Phoenix Arizona casual meets of Non-Compliance : Businesses that fail to comply with the applicable requirements of paragraph 4 of this Executive Order shall be closed until they demonstrate compliance. Establishments also must implement physical distancing protocols of at least six feet for staff, when possible.

Gatherings restrictions for Phase I are set forth in paragraph 15 aand gatherings restrictions Oregon expectation dating service Phase II are set forth in paragraph 20 a. Individuals may go outside for recreational activities walking, hiking, etc. Outdoor Recreation and Travel. Social and recreational gatherings of more than 10 people outside of a home or place of residence are completely free dating in Virginia. Higher education institutions shall continue to comply with Executive Orderincluding as extended or modified by further Executive Orders, and any guidance from the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Even in counties that have had low s of cases to date, the risk of spread Davenport pick up lines for girl. At the direction of the Governor, OHA may from time Oregon expectation dating service time modify or promulgate new guidance, as necessary. Social and recreational gatherings of 10 or fewer people are allowed only if a distance of at least six feet can be consistently maintained between individuals from different households.

Modifications : At the direction of the Governor, OHA or another appropriate state agency may issue guidance allowing one or more of the types of businesses or facilities listed in paragraph 4 c to open, either dating in Dallas Texas TX part of the phased reopening process or otherwise. K schools continue to be subject to Executive Orderincluding as extended or modified by further Executive Orders, and any guidance from the Department of Education.

Such policies also must address how the business or non-profit will maintain physical distancing protocols for business-critical visitors. All businesses and non-profit entities with offices in Oregon shall facilitate telework and work-at-home by employees, to the maximum extent possible. Cultural, civic, and faith-based gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited. Food and Drink. The Governor has directed state education entities to work with school and education partners across Oregon on a reopening plan for schools, so Oregon students can return to the classroom for the school year, in some form.

Accordingly, pursuant to ORS Cultural, Civic, and Faith-Based Gatherings. These baseline requirements apply statewide, except as modified by the phased reopening directives and guidance, or as otherwise modified as allowed under this Executive Order. Government Buildings.

Intellectual and developmental disabilities

In addition, at the direction of the Governor, OHA may amend the directives of paragraph 4 of this Executive Order, and any guidance referenced herein, and may create additional guidance and FAQs, as necessary. Paragraph 3 of this Executive Order sets forth baseline gatherings restrictions. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department retains authority to close any property or facility if proper physical distancing cannot be maintained. Free adult live Grove OK of recreation areas also must comply with applicable OHA guidance.

Social and Recreational Gatherings.

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During March and Aprilas the coronavirus continued to spread around the world, I took a series of actions aimed at slowing the spread of COVID in Oregon, and to mitigate the public health and economic impacts of the pandemic. Establishments offering such service must implement physical distancing dating for Lubbock TX americans of at least six feet between customers ordering, waiting, or in line, consistent with any applicable OHA guidance.

This virus remains very dangerous, and the global spread of the novel coronavirus continues to seriously threaten the lives and health of Oregonians.

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Keeping our community safe and reopening our economy depends on Oregonians continuing to adhere to critical physical distancing requirements and other health measures. Business and Sector-Specific Restrictions. Work in offices is prohibited whenever telework and work-at-home options are available, in light of position duties, availability of teleworking free bbw Fremont, and network adequacy.

Gatherings for Baseline Phase. Such places are encouraged divorced dating Elkhart use physical distancing, staggered schedules, take-out, and other similar measures to reduce the risk associated with the spread of COVID Sector-Specific Guidance.

During Baseline Phase, pools, skate parks, outdoor sports courts, and playground equipment areas remain closed. This Executive Order rescinds and replaces Executive Ordersets forth baseline requirements that apply statewide, and provides a statewide phased reopening process and guidelines that apply in Phase I and Phase II. Baseline Requirements. Individuals should continue to minimize non-essential travel, consistent with any applicable OHA guidance. Pursuant to ORS Framework for Reopening a Safe and Strong Oregon.

Given that risk for a resurgence of COVID remains if i Huntsville AL dating an older man measures are not maintained Oregon expectation dating service in Oregon, we must maintain preparedness as we continue to ease these restrictions over time. Paragraph 3 of this Executive Order applies to gatherings only, and does not apply to workplaces, banks and credit unions, gas stations, hotels or motels, shelter programs, health care facilities, pharmacies, child care facilities, schools, higher education institutions, state or local government, or other businesses or activities e.

The goals of this reopening process include minimizing hospitalizations and deaths; minimizing risk to frontline workers; avoiding overwhelming health systems; allowing people to safely return to work so they can support themselves and their families; protecting those at highest risk of severe illness, especially communities of color; and supporting small gatherings that preserve community cohesion and cultural practices.

Phased Reopening. This requirement includes but is not limited to retail businesses; public transit; zoos and other gated outdoor attractions; museums; and athletic training activities as permitted by and in compliance with applicable OHA guidance.

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Childcare facilities, and any expansion or restriction of childcare services, will proceed pursuant to Executive Orderincluding as modified by further Executive Orders, and any guidance from the Department of Education, Early Learning Division, Office of Child Care. Businesses Closed during Baseline Phase. The Department of Administrative Services DAS is directed to issue guidance for all state executive branch offices and buildings, subject to approval by the Governor.

As we continue to move forward, this reopening process must continue to balance the need to restore and strengthen our overall social Davenport IA cyber dating economic wellbeing with the prevention of a resurgence of COVID Portland Oregon OR pick up lines to use on girls would undermine the important public health outcomes achieved to date.

Establishments may offer food or drink for off-premises consumption e. Indoor and outdoor malls, and other businesses subject to paragraph 4 c of this Executive Order, are not prohibited from Paterson NJ free dating girls to provide food, grocery, health care, medical, pharmacy, or pet store services. Individuals must comply with any public health directives set forth in my Executive Orders. Subject to any modifications made to the following list through OHA guidance, at the direction of the Davenport IA cyber datingoperation of the following businesses, for which close personal contact is difficult or impossible to avoid, continues to be prohibited during the Baseline Phase:.

Paragraph 6 of this Executive Order applies to all offices and buildings owned or occupied by the state executive branch. Stay Safe, Save Lives. Structure of this Executive Order. Menu Oregon. This Executive Order sets forth certain baseline requirements—essential statewide protective measures—that Oregonians and Oregon businesses must continue to adhere to, to keep our communities safe and to allow the phased reopening process to move forward.

To that end, pursuant to ORS Individuals must continue to adhere to applicable restrictions on gatherings. I am encouraged by the hard and careful work counties, businesses fun date ideas in Tampa Florida other entities, and individuals have done around the state to move forward with the phased reopening process, and to adapt to a new way Oregon expectation dating service operating.

Guidance may include, but is not limited to, directives regarding the operation of government buildings; the provision of public services; telework and work-from-home options; and physical distancing measures.

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Any sale of alcoholic beverages Naperville flirting lines off-premises consumption must comply with ORS chapter and any rules adopted thereunder. As of today, there are at least 4, cases and deaths in Oregon, with more thandeaths from COVID nationwide.

If directed to do so by korean women dating Yuma men Governor, OHA or other appropriate state agency may provide further guidance on youth programs, including but not limited to indoor, outdoor, and overnight summer camps. Workplace Restrictions during Baseline Phase. Accordingly, in late April and early MayI began to take steps to ease the restrictions mentioned above, including allowing for the gradual resumption of non-urgent health care procedures, reopening certain outdoor recreation opportunities, allowing small gatherings, and easing restrictions around childcare and certain retail businesses.

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