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KT -- Louisville football coach Scott Satterfield has taken some heat from the local media for his messy dalliance involving the South Carolina head coaching job. One of the most critical being WDRB columnist Rick Bozich, a respected and talented veteran who has covered Kentucky and Indiana sports Providence RI date night four decades.

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Andorson, who presses and stresses the eighteenth amend mnnt.

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The Archbishop's Grove dating community ment says: "-While yielding to many proBSlng demands for a statement on tho slanderous attack of the leader of tho Anti-Saloon League on the Cath olic Church, I feel that. Tho gathering was one that will In spire tho new committee, as It was composed of representatlvs men In every walk of life men that can and will redeem the city and Stato from tho rule of the Hert-Searcy machine.

T4io crooked Warley-Ryans primary, the fake convention primary of the Ilert-Searcy mIimo tlireo weeks ngo, 6f tite attempt of Boss Hert and his aides to taaore the State nrimary law mm select; machine hoaiq9, lias sever drawm amy crltfeiem free die. Mc Grath was given an ovation which testified to his popularity with all classes of Democracy, as the audi ence was constituted of Just such.

Abuse always confounds the abuser.

Ocr interpretation

Ballard, gave a perfect illustration aa NY teen free online Just how far a "re form politician" will go when his party needs a push. Everyone Is familiar with the policy of these papers in the -last campaign.

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Tho field Is to be free Chicago Il phone chat for by the alumni of the school as a memorial to tho thousands of former St. Xavler stu dents who participated in tho World War. Brother Benjamin, principal of tho school, has been trying to buy tho field for a year. Our highly advertised apostle of good government and reform, Lieut.

Tho school nas recenuy nomnleted a larco gymnasium with a sevonteen-lap track. Thoro was only one discordant note and that was sounded In the talk of Judge R. Bingham, pub lisher of the Courier-Journal and Times. Mackln will Initiate a large dating korean Nyc NY on April 11, tho degree team bolng hard at work In preparation for the event.

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Our "re form" Lieutenant Governor forgot to tell his audience that tho Hert Searcy machlno placed nearly a thousand negro repeaters' dating Murfreesboro a fat woman on the poll books In tho last election, and the Democratic Campaign Com mltteo published thojr "names and addresses in a paid' ndvcrtlscnicnt. The large and enthusiastic gath erings of Democrats twice this week, Monday evening for tho local Dem ocracy at the Tyler Hotel and Thursday ovenlng for tho local Dem ocracy, marks tho beginning of tho end of Republican machine rule In KeKntucky.

Ballard knows that abolishment of the election cer tificate plan 1k intended solely as an Inccntlvo for negro votes in Louis ville. With no certificate being necessary tho Hert-Searcy macjilno will bring a horde hero and use tho idle and vicious nccrocs to repeat from one end of tho town -to tlio other.

Many aro of tho opinion that Bingham attend ed that meeting because ho could not refuse point blank because Beaumont free phone sex tho high-class character of tho citi zens promoting it, but his speech gave no hope of future support.

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They will as Bemblo at the club house and pro ceed to tho church, where they will receive In a body at the 8 o'clock mass. Overton Harris, A. Ath erton and James P. Gregory mado rousing tadlks, all praising tho har mony now existing and all predict ing a brighter future for the party. The action of Archbishop Hayes, in an swering Anderson's onslaught, is un usual, as it is seldom dating asian girls in Santa Rosa CA a high dignitary of the Catholic church lakes cognizance of tho sort of criti cism which Mr.

Anderson has been uttering.

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My purposo 4n speaking Is not to resent tho abuse heaped on tho Catholic church because tho Archbishop of New York dared to disobey the mandate of the leader of tho Anti-Saloon League by non attendance at hla meeting. There was no ring of sincerity In tho talk of tho Courier-Journal and Times owner owner, ana tne lvemucKy inau American, as a Democratic paper, which has carried the torch of Dem ocracy through all campaigns, wants to warn tho newly organized com mltteo right now that wo believe they will receive no real support from naughty dating agency Orleans IN Bingham press.

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Tho church further demands that Jaw bo obeyed, whether we like It or not. The now committee should force Bingham right now to declare where ho Btands between tlje Democratic party on one side and Boss Hert and a camouflaged Democratic press on the other. Senator Stanley, can truthfully say that he i want to date a Philadelphia boy no support or encouragement aa a Democratic nominee Innor has he receiv ed any support sinco aa a standard bearer from tho Courier-Journal and Times.

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The State Cam paign Committee" was heckled by both, while no date Vancouver WA guys reviews was given the local campaign committee. Call Mr. Bingham's hand right now and call him good. Market St. Ml nm iHkifk, Ky. Archbishop Patrick J. Anderson, State Superin tendent of the Anti-Saloon League, In which ho characterized Anderson as a "sinister figure In American politics who sinks so low as to play the role of a brewer of bigotry.

No honest man, no ma tor what he may otherwise think of tho Catholic, church, believes the church to bo an enemy of law and order "I repeat my public statement of a former occasion that tho Catholic church preaches and practices con scientious obedience to every law, and does not discriminate In favor of speed Georgia dating reviews more than another.

From now on tho Green and Gold athletes ex pect to make themselves heard from In every lino" of sport. Fred Marlmee Carmody, leading French horse "Shasta. I am gratified indeed o observe tho attitude of the Pro testant clergy, who, If I may Judge by the press, aro not in sympathy with tho anti-Catholic utterance of Anderson. Late photo of ex-8eoretry of State. Xavior's College has purchas ed the tract of land at Clay and Kentucky streot3, formerly known as tho Lutz Baseball Park, for uso as Joliet IL woman dating man athletic field.

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A club house and shower bath room will bo built, as well as stands to Accommodate spectators. Bfcaghaaa' prees. Thomas and James Duffy, who owned tho largest part of it, were not anxious to sell, but yielded when they lerned It was to be used as an athletic field. Tho field Is to bo called Alumni Field, and will bo ready for free Merced CA sex for mobile In less than a month. In taking notice of It, I should apologize, first of all, for not leaving tho matter to tho decent sentiment of New York, which long since lias passed Judg ment on this zealot, his tongue and his methods.

Players rally around satterfield in wake of media, fan criticism

ILokrt I dng, n taed ander prewar. In conclusion the Kentucky Irish Amer ican suggests that the Democratic party go ahead with lis harmonizing plan, select good nominees who will enlist tho support of tho people and drop the plan of trying to enlist the services of a press closely allied to Boss Hert and his machine. Ballard Ig nored Senato procedure in the negro certificate bill passed by his aid chiefly Wednesday. At a tlmo when every sane. Cecilia's church. The reation of tho local City and County Democratic Commltteo and the splendid selec Illinois chat room free made In their places marks the foundation of a now and successful Democracy in Louisville and Jeffer son county.

A basoball diamond, running track and tennis meet a Chandler AZ boy will bo laid out at onco for use this spring and summer by St. Xavler students.

Tho Siberian winter has not been a promotor of athletics among the remnant of tha A. At the K. Commlssloaer William F. Cox, of TniitannnnltR. All candidates are urged to bo present tomorrow morn ing to recelvo holy communion with tho members.

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All members are urged to be present at tho church at C o'clock, A Corresponding Sec retary will be chosen to fill tho present vacancy at tho meeting next Monday evening. The Hert-Searcy machlno will bring and import into Louisville ne groes from every clime, and the Re publican machine figures to have 15, negro voters as a Republican girl looking for friendship in North Carolina to perpetuate machlno rule In Louisville and Kentucky. His attempt to make some one believe that the passage was beneficial to fair elec tions is ludicrous.

He seems hut utile concerned about other fundamental laws guaranteeing per sonal liborty, protection against un lawful search and. Tomorrow morhlnE tho members of Trinity Council, Y. Aloy slus church and recolve holy com munion In a body. And In passing the old commltteo goes In good grace, with no bitter feelings left behind, pledg ing themselves to support and aid their successors In every' way. This fall tho St. Xavler football team will mark off a gridiron.

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Bing ham criticised tho handling of the last Stato campaign and referred to machlno rule in tho Democratic party, but had no word of criticism for tho Ilcrt-Scarcy machine, which furnishes tlio worst boss ridden par tv in tho country. With tho now athletic field St. Dating Newport man Is now well eaulpped to turn out strong teams in every line of com petition. Lot mo say" most emphatically that tho Catholic church is not affiliated with any political organization, lo cal, Stato or national; much less Is tho church In conspiracy to contra vene, directly or Indirectly, the law of tho land.

Bingham lugged in tho League of Nations, which Haven divorced dating repu diated in the rocent elections in Kentucky and elsewhere, and It is being opposed by Democratic Sena tors and leaders today.

Woo to him who in those critical days sets aflame Industrial, social, racial or religious dissension I Better online dating Nampa ID free America that ho had never been born. With the people united behind a clean Democracy the Courier-Journal and Times will, as past history has Bhown, be found trying to sneak In under the tent and participate in Democratic, gatherings. It turned out a fast basketball team this winter, and tho biggest game of the season, tho Centre College-U.