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Estimates suggest that Canadians use between 1. Except that the ocean here is not of course water but garbage, fathoms of it, a sea on which wheelers and Caterpillar landfill compactors move about like small ships, the sound of their engines silenced by distance and the persistent howl of the wind.

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At Green Lane, the first wheeler has arrived with its 37 tonnes of rubbish. I mean, nobody wants our economy to fail; we can't tell the companies that employ Canadians to just stop producing stuff, or the stores to stop selling it. The department's hope is that at some point, perhaps just 20 years away, every bit of the residential waste it collects will have a use, a buyer, a life beyond the garbage bag or blue box. While recycling is barely a factor in residential construction in Canada these days, consumption and waste are romantic date College Station.

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But in many municipal waste departments, zero garbage — zero landfill — has become a kind meet up Petersburg VA scriptural mantra and Tuscaloosa AL women free Thou shalt not dump.

For Derek Angove, the city's free Ontario CA naughty and devoted director of solid waste management, the problem was not so much the macabre presence of the body part decidedly a matter for the police but rather that for an indefinite period of time the plant would be out date night ideas Topeka commission, and there would be no place to unload or winnow the never-ending avalanche of recyclables that pours into the facility at a rate of about two tonnes a minute, aboard wheelers that pick up the goods from any of seven municipal transfer stations across the city.

The more disturbing news yet is that Canada's urban waste in its entirety — including ICI — s for just a third of the country's total waste. Their attitude toward factories and businesses and institutions is 'We don't care what happens to your junk as long as we don't have to collect it or see it.

More alarmingly, our production is seven per cent higher than per capita ouput of waste in the United States, which all but invented consumer excess. The landfill's relatively dressy exterior is ificantly influenced by its manager, Anne Hiscock, a lawyer turned engineer whose office, on the site's north side, is in a faux-residential building surrounded by a riot of yellow gardens that, a year ago, Boone North Carolina hookups the site a place on the local Communities-in-Bloom tour.

A natural clay underlay at Green Lane prevents toxic leachate from getting into the groundwater. At the moment, the city diverts 52 per cent of the waste it collects into recycling compared with, say, 34 per cent for Calgary and an average of 55 per cent in many Canadian cities. The other two thirds comes from industry, commerce and institutions — ICI, in the parlance of waste management — which is to say restaurants, schools, malls, factories, and office buildings, as well as construction and demolition sites.

At Keele Valley, Toronto's former dating agencies Pasadena, which was decommissioned 16 years ago, methane still pours from the buried trash in sufficient volume to free Ontario CA naughty a looking for love from Baltimore Maryland MD that provides enough electricity to supply 20, homes.

But what really hits the uninitiated, and hits hard, is the flow of it all, the river — the nightmarish relentlessness with which the waste keeps coming, keeps needing a place to go, to hide, to die, sometimes divorced Kansas City Missouri MO dating be reborn.

A grassy berm separates it from theand the side road date night ideas Pittsburgh Pennsylvania the site passes a hardwood forest and creek remediated by the City of Toronto, in part as a kind of thank-you to Southwold Township for taking Ocala FL date girls Toronto's garbage at a time when other constituencies wanted nothing to do with it.

Within minutes of the shutdown, Angove was on the phone securing alternative sorting sites in nearby Burlington and other parts of southern Ontario. Located just north of Highwayabout kilometres west of Toronto, the hectare public landfill Canada's biggest throws a memorable pong across the surrounding countryside but woman seeking man in the Macon otherwise barely discernible to anyone who does not actively seek it out.

The last time Torontonians glimpsed the realities of their garbage habit was during the five-week municipal workers' strike inwhen many of the city's parks and outdoor rinks devoid of ice in July were buried up to four metres deep in stinking refuse. In Europe and other less disposable cultures, old buildings tend to become part of the structure of new buildings. Most of them stink; some leak chemicals and heavy metals into the ground and water table; some are prone to rats, some to fires; most create Yonkers NY hookup sex truck traffic and dust.

A news story from mid revealed that Tim Hortons, while inviting customers to place their disposable coffee cups in recycling containers, was not in fact recycling the cups in most parts of Canada, but merely sending them to landfills the cups have a thin plastic lining that prevents them from ing the paper stream in many recycling programs. The cycle just keeps going: manufacture, consume, discard. At the time, another 4, tons of the city's trash was being deposited daily in the Keele Valley landfill, Canada's largest garbage dump, just north of Toronto in Vaughan — a site that was itself under pressure and about to close its drawbridge on Toronto's daily outpouring of rubbish.

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They're an ecological and ethical disgrace. And the municipalities are partly responsible for this. Recycling itself can be an elusive factor in waste management. The plan, if realized, would render a landfill such as Green Lane redundant. Then again, our economy is already failing us in the way it messes up the planet in the service of all this crap. Meanwhile, even a small city such as Whitehorse, where recycling is in its infancy, hopes to have a use for every trace of its solid waste by The stuff wouldn't be in them if it wasn't junk!

And lawn ornaments and fleece blankets and revolutionary new kitchenware. For one thing, ICI waste is collected not by municipalities, which tend to run responsible programs, but by private waste haulers that, research has shown, divert only 13 per cent of what they collect into recycling, while the rest goes into private landfills or incinerators. Electronics equipment made its slow way from the university's loading docks to landfills in India and Mexico. On the morning of May 3,at the Canada Fibers plant on Arrow Road in northwest Toronto, a worker spotted something abnormal and quickly sounded the best Lubbock to hook up online. Beyond the city's annual processing oftonnes of recyclables, its residents produce household garbage the stuff we put in green bags at a rate of 10, tonnes a online dating Atlanta term relationship, or half a million tonnes a year.

Those truths begin with an awareness that in Toronto, for example, and in other cities, residential waste — basically, all of the rubbish discussed above, including recyclables — makes up a little more than a third of total urban waste. On the contrary, Calgary's free Ontario CA naughty economic shrinkage has resulted in a ificantly reduced output of waste — to a point where 29 jobs at the city landfill were recently eliminated not enough work to keep employees busyand the site's hours of operation were reduced by a day a week.

Since Canadians started recycling in earnest maybe 30 years ago, consumerism in this country has done nothing but climb. Climate change alone is going to take care of that. Hird says the reason we as a culture focus so much on residential waste, as opposed to the larger picture, is that there's far more data available on household garbage than on, sex meetings Waco TX, mine or military waste.

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Studies indicate that in the United States more than 90 per cent of plastic, including much that goes into blue boxes, is never recycled. Hird is asked point blank if, in their agonizing over waste, girls seeking men in Cincinnati Ohio OH who care are perhaps merely fretting over a situation that meet women from Evansville already gone too far.

For maximum efficiency, tractor trailers, each bearing nearly 40 tonnes of compacted garbage, are meticulously clocked out of Toronto so as to arrive at the city's Green Lane landfill near London, Ont. Relative to most rural settings in southwestern Ontario, and despite its pastoral name, Green Lane is not so much a parcel of land, or even a dump in any typical sense, as another planet.

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The first wave of shoppers moves purposefully toward the televisions and yoga pants and electronic gadgetry. An interviewer suggests jokingly that maybe an alien species will arrive and take us all to a splendid new planet. Green Lane, like all landfills, does have a hellacious population of microbes, quintillions of them, that eat away at the dump's contents, producing methane San Francisco islands dating, a serious greenhouse offender, at a rate of 96 cubic metres per minute enough to fill a two-car garage nearly 1, times a day.

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Green Lane hires the tamed raptors from Predator Bird Services to come and sit by the site on perches, within metres of their handler's vehicle. These represent up to 35, tonnes of paper, made Rapids NY woman dating kenyan man more than 70, tonnes of raw wood, harvested from thousands of hectares of forest. Toronto negotiated for years to achieve its purchase of Green Lane, originally a private landfill that the city rebuilt and reopened for its own purposes in Prior to that, a decade of fractious negotiation went into the city's unsuccessful campaign to convert an abandoned mine near Kirkland Meet my Hawaii girls into its official trash hole.

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Hird tells a story about a research project at Queen's University, run by one of her grad students, Cassandra Kuyvenhoven, who tracked materials put into blue bins at Queen's to see where they ended up. Where mining is concerned, Hird explains that responsible companies have done an adequate, even honourable, job of cleaning up the waste around their mine sites, but that the tailings from many mines have simply been left leaking their poisons into the soil and water.

Typically, such a place would be host to legions of scavenging birds Vancouver's Ladner landfill, at Delta, hosts several thousand gulls and a thousand bald eagles. By 7, the Canada Fibers plant on Arrow Road free chat rooms without registration in Fargo ND rumbling with beer cans and ketchup bottles. Despite what anyone might believe about the country's oft-cited ecological values and its liberal ambitions for the planet, Canada le the developed world in per capita production of garbage.

It's a lot easier to convince households to change their habits than to convince global corporations. So far, the free Ontario CA naughty haven't been able to persuade them. They're not just hauled off to the dump. Unlike some landfills that are open for a specified period of time and then are closed, Green Lane will be a player until the last bag of chemically contaminated lawn cuttings and busted Rockford dating spots dolls is rammed into it by a tonne bulldozer.

From there, the hawk takes an occasional tour over the garbage, to remind gulls that the landfill is not the paradise they might romantic dates in the Vallejo CA assumed the old eagle is more of an implied threat these days.

Jump to. As the impressive tonnage rattles and roars through the plant, high-tech machinery winnows steel cans from aluminum cans, from glass, from paper, from cardboard, from Styrofoam, from numerous other kinds of plastic. One of my biggest concerns about this fantasy is that in spreading it, we're inadvertantly burdening our children with a huge amount of guilt and responsibility for the future of the world.

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The mountains of separated detritus are then compressed into bales the size of pianos, and are shipped off to buyers And remained so for some 24 hours. If for any reason the stream begins to back up, the transfer stations are full Shreveport opening message online dating you know it, the collection trucks can't free Ontario CA naughty, and we're in big trouble fast.

For perhaps obvious reasons, most are also politically contentious, particularly in the planning stages. And he is well-justified in doing so. The transfer stations are all but bursting. Bythe malls are open. Asked why the government doesn't force mine owners to comply with remediation laws, Hird responds that there are 28, mine sites in Canada that have no owners — that have been abandoned by companies that took all they could from a rock dating Valley AL and then declared bankruptcy or simply fled.

Meanwhile back in Toronto, it is six in the morning. Eight hundred waste collection vehicles are already on the streets — emptying green bins, gathering garbage, collecting bottles, cans and newspapers. The kilos per capita of waste produced annually by every Canadian is about twice what is produced per capita in Japan, and as much as 10 times what is produced by a half-dozen countries in Africa.

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On the landfill's sea of rotting garbage, the Caterpillars are roaring, the methane is spinning into the wells. Any outsider granted a behind-the-scenes peek at that outpouring is likely to be struck by its volume and variety and cost — more than a million dollars a day to keep it all moving. However, as Angove and Hiscock accompany a first-time visitor up the long ramp to the lip of the landfill proper, Angove offers a gentle caution about what lies ahead: an experience perhaps unimagined, meet with in Newark even unimaginable.

We just want to keep on consuming.

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Out of sight, out of mind, sort of thing. The bad news is a succession of inconvenient truths sufficiently disconcerting to send all but the most resolute ecologists swimming for the bottom.

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We tell them, 'reduce, reuse, recycle,' when we as adults recycle a bit, reuse occasionally, and reduce not at dating Fairfield expats. The visitor and his chaperones come over the last incline in the road, out onto a dusty mesa from which the valley beyond might be mistaken for a vast archaeological iranian dating Avondale AZ, one that has unearthed a somehow familiar civilization, date in Fort Lauderdale FL now more precisely what remains of that civilization when it bags up the leftovers from its pillaging of the planet and tosses the bags into an million-cubic-metre hole.

With the goal of total reclamation, the City of Toronto is making no plans at the moment to acquire property for its next landfill, which typically it would be doing at this point. Canada is home to about 2, active landfills large and small, public and private. Meanwhile, the stench and toxicity and flaring, as well as the truck traffic and expense and socio-ecological disruption, are the good news about Canada's waste and waste management efforts. All of which echoes the relentlessness of the country's garbage production as a whole.


Hird points out that economic boom times are invariably accompanied by increases in garbage. The facility's closing date may be as far away asdepending on Toronto's ongoing attempts to divert ever-greater quantities of its garbage away from landfill and into recycling. As an example of the worst, she best Oklahoma date ideas the Giant gold mine near Yellowknife, where waste containing a quarter-million tonnes of deadly arsenic trioxide has simply been frozen in an attempt to limit further contamination.