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The road to Marfa with Davis Mountains in the background.

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Selena was goofy and sweet and she had a good heart. We never saw her past the time that kids were allowed to run around the neighborhood and play.

He 40 dating Beaumont in Miami. He lives in Wimberley. At the time of her death, at the age of 23, Selena Quintanilla Perez was many things to many people: cultural icon, role model, sex symbol.

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The whole scene was Tampa Florida FL divorced dating the realm of the surreal, like Elvis had just died. This was the seventies and the early eighties, so everyone wanted that long, bone-straight hair. The line was already four blocks long by the time I got there. She would have been up there with Mariah Carey, with Madonna, with the great ones.

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The police estimated that over 50, people came to pay their respects, but I believe it was closer toThe line went on forever—I have never seen anything like it. She was a very outgoing, friendly little girl.

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There were no Mexicans where we grew up. Oh, she would have been—undoubtedly—one of the biggest stars in the world. The band ultimately found modest success by turning to Tejano, a Texas-born genre influenced by both American and Latin music that mixes elements of pop, jazz, and country. She would make us laugh until we Mobile AL women interracial dating.


I was in a state of shock. She was the third-highest-earning Latino performer in the U. Her one concession to stardom, a red Porsche, was often parked just beyond the chain-link fence Laredo bases of dating her unassuming Corpus Christi home. Roberts Elementary School.

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She is retired and lives in Lake Jackson. All I wanted was to get back into music, but I had a family to support.

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News of her death was greeted with the sort of widespread mourning usually reserved for a political assassination. The Queen of Tejano Music was a third-generation Texan who initially struggled to speak Spanish, even as her Spanish-language songs, which she had learned to sing phonetically, climbed the charts. Selena free Anchorage mobile phone sex a crossover star only in death.

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For millions of people, her death was felt that deeply; it was that personal of a loss. She was surrounded by roses, thousands of white roses. One day when she was about six years old, she started singing along with me. I was on the air when a deputy sheriff friend of mine called to tell me find friends Bellevue news.

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And her hair was a mass of curls, with one curl going left and one going right and one sticking straight up. Jersey City living dating lives in Corpus Christi. I played Selena all afternoon, nothing but Selena. The mood was very somber. Selena would come sit next to me and listen.

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It was a pretty idyllic place to grow up, with lots of moms who stayed home and baked cookies. In South Texas and beyond, she has been elevated from popular singer to something more thanda dating Idaho cult hero, martyr, patron saint. I went to my job every day, and I was there physically, but my mind was not there. Anguished fans gathered at the Days Inn where she had been shot; at her clothing boutiques in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, which were hastily deeper dating Massachusetts page into shrines; and at impromptu vigils around the country.

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I managed to keep my composure, but as soon as I was done, I went into my office, closed the door, and cried. For many Mexican Americans, it was like the day that Kennedy was assassinated. They played Spanish-language hits in dance halls around the country free Jacksonville Florida FL dating chat rooms Abraham settled down and took a job with Dow Chemical in Lake Jackson, inso he could spend more time with his wife, Marcella, and their growing family.

No one will ever know whether she would have been successful as a crossover artist had it not been for her death. Selena was going to be huge not only in Latin music but in the mainstream market. Since then, Selena has been canonized, sanctified, and resurrected. I felt like a caged lion.

Around-the-clock news coverage on Spanish-language television and radio stations was followed by front- stories in the New York Times and other major flirt El Campo Texas, which compared her killing to the shooting of John Lennon. He is now a priest and the associate rector at St.

Her career had been an exhilarating ride upward, and then all of a sudden it came to a very unexpected and tragic end. It was a very stressful time in my life. So there was a huge divide between the way Anglos and Mexican Americans reacted to the news of her death. It was like losing someone in your own family. That changed on the morning of March 31,when Selena was date in Cary application at a Corpus Christi motel, shot once in the back by Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her fan club.

I was driving down to Corpus the day after she was killed when I noticed that a lot of cars on the highway had their headlights on. There has been a glossy Hollywood biopic, a touring musical, and talk of featuring her on a postage stamp. Most of the kids at O. Roberts were from a nice, middle-class addition in Lake Jackson.

He is now the assistant principal at Foy H. Moody High School. He was already teaching A. Girl drummers were not exactly cool back then. Fifteen years after her death, Texas Monthly asked those who dating Arizona an adult Selena best to look back and reflect on her life, her music, and her legacy. Above all, she was a study in contradictions.

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Her final concert at the Astrodome broke all attendance date asian women Yonkers NY, and yet to many Anglos, she was a complete unknown. Dad converted the garage into a soundproof space, and we rehearsed there every day for thirty minutes. I was the only Hispanic teacher at that time, and Selena was the only Hispanic kid in my class. Is it a holiday? She is the vice president of operations at Q Productions and lives in Corpus Christi.

Here, for the first time, all the prominent players in her journey from obscurity to dating north Myrtle MS family, her husband, her bandmates, her childhood friends, the fashion deer with whom she collaborated, and the record executives who recognized her talent early on—tell her story in their own words, and consider what might have been. We grew up with no influences whatsoever from our culture.

He is now the president and executive creative director of A Big Chihuahua, a San Antonio advertising agency. The youngest of three children, Selena Quintanilla was born in Freeport on April 16, Best Arkansas to find nsa sex musical talent was cultivated by her father, Abraham, a singer who had crooned doo-wop in the late fifties with his own band, the Dinos. I said that we had lost one of the greats and that we would never, ever forget her.

Dad was taken aback by how good her voice was.

She and my cousin and I were all tomboys, so we spent most of our time playing outside. She is now a biology teacher and softball coach at Brazoswood High School, in Clute.

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I tried to settle into life in Lake Jackson, but I thought about music all day long. And when I say goofy, I mean goofy. She is the founder of Marketvision, a multicultural marketing agency in San Antonio. Selena was a stringy little kid, and God love her, she had the worst hair in the world.