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Harvest during the Pueblo Farming Project. Photo courtesy of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. The ancestral Pueblo people residing in the Mesa Verde region online dating Bonita Springs FL surrounding areas became agricultural societies, likely during the Basketmaker II period about BC to AD as domesticated corn found its way north from what is now Arizona.

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In much of North Americathe shift from generalized foraging and horticultural experimentation to a way of life dependent on domesticated plants occurred about bcealthough regional variation from date night in Queens NY date is common. Corn maizeearly forms of which had been grown in Mexico since at least bceappeared among Archaic groups in the Southwest culture area by about bce and in the Eastern Woodlands by perhaps bce ; other Mesoamerican domesticates, such as chile peppers and cotton, did not appear in either region until approximately the beginning of the Common Era.

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In addition, the knowledge generated by the Pueblo Farming Project—including an appreciation for the importance of corn in Pueblo culture—will be incorporated into lessons used by Crow Canyon and Hopi educators. Every year, Philippine dating Baltimore Maryland MD farmers have visited Crow Canyon in the spring and fall to teach the Center's researchers and educators about Pueblo Indian farming, food storage, and food preparation.

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Sincethe Crow Canyon staff has worked with traditional Fremont parsons dating farmers from Hopi, Arizona, to document their farming practices and the cultural context in which they take place. Pueblo leaders are concerned with preserving knowledge about farming and ensuring that this knowledge is transmitted to younger generations.

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Documentation for the project includes still photography, video and Fontana CA dating black man recordings of planting and harvesting, and a variety of written records, including detailed measurements of plants at different stages of growth, daily temperature and precipitation values, crop yields, and preliminary of corn DNA analysis. Data generated as part of the Pueblo Farming Project have already proven useful in broader research. A documentary film about the project is scheduled for completion in late ; it will be available for both classroom and general public viewing.

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The Pueblo Farming Project is a collaborative effort that addresses the interests of both groups. Farming is a fundamental part of Pueblo identity—one that is integrated into every aspect of traditional Pueblo culture. Together, farmers and staff have planted and harvested several experimental gardens on Crow Canyon's campus, testing farming techniques and varieties of seeds used by the Pueblo farmers in their own fields.

For example, Village Ecodynamics Project scientists have compared the of their computer simulations with corn harvest yields from the Pueblo Farming Project to better understand ancient environmental conditions and agricultural productivity—and the effects of both on human settlement patterns. Crow Canyon best Alabama to meet girls and educators are interested in learning about traditional agriculture in order to better understand ancient farming practices—and to gain a deeper appreciation for the role of corn in Pueblo society, past and present.

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