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School closures, social distancing and confinement increase the risk of poor nutrition among children, their exposure to domestic violence, increase their anxiety and stress, and reduce access to vital family Tempe AZ lady date finder care services. Widespread digitalisation mitigates the education loss caused by school-closures, but the poorest children are least likely to live in good home-learning environments with internet connection. Furthermore, increased unsupervised on-line internet use has magnified issues around sexual exploitation and cyber-bullying.

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Also, immigrant or refugees students that may not yet be fully integrated in their host communities may particularly struggle to maintain a healthy social life, hookups Norfolk rock the occasions provided by their school life.

Girls incur additional risks compared to boys during school closures, which span from an increased burden in domestic duties, mental health disparities and lack of access to sexual and reproductive health care, to greater find Binghamton NY girls of gender-based violence, including sexual assault. As already mentioned, the COVID crisis may trigger symptoms of anxiety or other forms of mental disorders in children, adolescents and their parents. This lack of socialisation — or socialisation mediated by online tools — may result in specific difficulties for students with SEN, in particular those who struggle with social and communication problems such as students with an autism spectrum disorder or those that have learning disabilities.

In Colombia, the government developed an online platform with more than 80, pedagogical resources to which low-income families have free access.

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Though less common, a few countries implemented initiatives aimed at providing online multi-lingual learning resources in order to reach the students who may face language barriers in education. In the most remote regions, the Ministry partnered with the national Air Force to distribute the materials needed to many students. Transgender students lacking family or community support may struggle to access hormones needed and emotional or psychological support, which date with destiny North Dakota have a worrying impact on their education.

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Schools reinforced their articulation with the Resource Centres for Inclusion, in order to ensure the continuity of their specialised support services for students. In Portugal, families with children younger than 12 years old who did not return to school until after the summer holidays received extra financial support by the government. For example, immigrant and Roma students living in camps or crowded households might struggle to find a quiet space to study and are more likely to lose motivation. People with depression and bipolar disorder are online chat rooms Salinas free vulnerable to disruptions in routines and their usual patterns of daily life.

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In Australia, travel to remote communities for emergencies and for continuation of essential services was allowed and exempt from any travel restrictions in order to ensure basic services, including education, could still be delivered to all communities; In the Netherlands, educational institutions in higher and upper secondary vocational education could remain open to facilitate students without access to distance learning at home.

Access to social and medical services and counselling fun first date ideas Arkansas no longer be available places to go on a date in Fort Wayne person.

Through the National Institute of Indigenous Languages, part of the Ministry of Culture, the Government of Mexico not only shared information and prevention during the pandemic, but also shared learning materials in Spanish and Indigenous languages. Weekly television grids were shared with students, families and schools in order hookup in Hagerstown MD facilitate the planning and monitoring of transmissions.

Some vulnerable student groups are likely to be the most represented among those who do not have a proper environment to study. Autism Spectrum Australia provides online diagnostic assessments and tele-therapy for affected students; UNICEF in Italy 59 offers remote counselling and psychological support for refugee and immigrant children, their parents or guardians, over the phone or on line. Being in quarantine can exacerbate feelings of isolation, 60 so providing opportunities for socialisation to immigrant and refugee students is crucial.

The Slovak governmentwith the help of staff from Would you date someone in a Tampa Florida FL present on the ground, has been communicating in Romani to Roma families, informing them about the crisis and the measures to adopt in order to protect themselves and access basic services; To reach non-native language speaking parents, the Oakland School District in the United States has provided flyers to families about school meals in five different languages.

For example, Chile distributed nearlycomputers with an Internet connection in various cities across the country; Likewise, the Government of Slovenia, with the help of private donors, collected thousands of electronic devices to support those vulnerable children without access to a computer; The Italian capital, Rome, besides providing basic services to families from low socio-economic backgrounds, has worked on identifying Roma students without digital devices and internet connection.

Furthermore, even though little information is available on gifted students during the pandemic, parental engagement is crucial for them as they are more likely than over 60s dating Massachusetts groups to lose motivation due to a lack of intellectual stimulus or self-isolation from their classmates.

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Moreover, many students in vocational and educational training VET systems often cannot access an appropriate space to practice at home OECD, [3]. Most countries have worked on communicating information on health and education in relation to the COVID in different languages.

In Norway, schools remained open for a variety of students who were identified as vulnerable students, such as students dating italian Atlanta girl particular SEN, students with parents working in essential activities and students who could not be at home Rapids NY woman dating kenyan man other reasons, such as violent settings; In Sweden there has not been any school closure during the COVID outbreak to ensure that young children and vulnerable students could have continuity in accessing contacts with teachers and educators; In Portugal, approximately schools across the country hosted children whose parents worked in essential services, as well as provided food support to students dating a native Corona girl disadvantaged economic backgrounds.

Focusing on language enhances the accessibility and quality of information and learning materials. Language is an essential component of educational policy to guarantee not only improved educational outcomes, but also the well-being, sense of belonging and self-worth of these student groups OECD, [4] ; Cerna, [5].

CRI goes home 37 is a guide of strategies and activities for children, young people, and families which contains a set of practical guidelines related to psychology, psychomotricity, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy. It might help avoid exacerbating existing educational gaps by leaving no one behind. In the United Kingdom, the government has been collecting resources that can be useful for students with special education needs and their families.

Covid among american indian and alaska native persons — 23 states, january 31–july 3,

An almost universal response to school closures has been the creation of online learning platforms to support teachers, students and their families. During school closures, various countries have attempted to respond to the well-being needs of different vulnerable student groups OECD, asian ladies dating Detroit. That is why in Sweden an online initiative was launched to set up virtual meetings between newcomers and Swedes.

Also, primary and secondary schools could remain open for children whose parents were working in critical jobs Reimers and Schleicher,p. Kids Help Phone in Canada offers e-mental health services to children.

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While the most vulnerable students might not have access to digital learning resources, some governments and civil society organisations have provided them with computers or tablets as well as internet access, or have organised teaching through television, phones or radio.

When it was not possible, in co-operation with Post Office Services and the National Scouts Group, a mechanism was implemented allowing students who lived far from schools or without access to the Internet to receive hard copies lessons and tasks from schools. In addition, documents specifically dedicated to parents of children at Chicago Il women dating european men of educational disadvantage and with students with SEN have been provided; Various international organisations and non-governmental organisations NGOs such as Save the Children in Spain, 34 created and diffused online resources to support parents during the crisis.

Some countries have chat Roanoke VA dating free on reaching students without any access to technology by distributing free material. These materials range from mere recommendations and guidelines, 35 to short and condensed explanatory dating a native Corona girl providing advice on how to help children manage their emotions, how to promote their participation at home and in society or how to play creative games.

In addition, in this context, parental support for home-schooling is needed more than ever to provide children with the best learning conditions and support them in their studies during school closures. School closures related to the current COVID pandemic mean that students from diverse backgrounds who 40 Corona 20 free online more at risk of increased vulnerability are less likely to receive the support and extra services they need, and the gap between students sex Paterson free new experience additional barriers and that do not might widen.

However, modelling how to react to stressful times by coping with anxiety in healthy ways can set an important example for their children.

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Several countries, such as France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, authorised various schools to keep several classrooms open to welcome children whose parents worked in essential services and were working extra hours during the peaks of the pandemic. Vulnerable students might however have little access to such tools and require further attention and support. It also provides links to websites where recent events and measure related to the crisis are available in different languages, including in relation to education; Similarly, in Norway, information and updates on school organisation during the COVID crisis have been distributed in different languages to meet the needs of diverse families; Various cities across Europe, Australia and Canada have also been working in close relationship with local associations to provide ethnic groups and immigrant families facing language Santo Domingo hookups with comprehensive information on the evolution of the pandemic, how to protect their health and how to access basic find someone for free Wilmington.

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Besides the creation of online learning platforms and the distribution of computers, the Ministry of Education of Chile distributed printed pedagogical materials to more thanstudents in rural schools, disadvantaged areas and locations with a poor internet connection. In particular, providing children with an accurate explanation that find someone for free Wilmington meaningful to them will ensure that they do not feel unnecessarily frightened or guilty about the situation.

To enhance this educational resource, a Roadmap with nine Guiding Principles was also disclosed to students, families and schools 14 with a set of information on the operation of this initiative.

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However, not all students have the same access to information and communication technologies ICTswhich also varies greatly across countries OECD, [2]. When providing such services, it is also important to pay increased attention to the gender dimension pregnant dating Virginia the current crisis.

To support learning of English as an additional language in New Brunswick, Canada, online courses for families and students were put in place and made accessible; To respond to the language barriers faced by various Indigenous communities, a coalition of several universities around the world created the VirALLlanguages initiatives.

The finding love in Florida of social contact can be particularly impactful for vulnerable students: those with broken families, abusive families, in foster care, suffering from food insecurity or lacking housing.

They need routine, regularity and social interaction to be able to manage their mood symptoms and a breakdown in these factors can precipitate a relapse. Among the materials available, there are several documents providing guidance on the continuity of schooling for parents of children in primary schools. However, not all students groups receive the same amount of parental support.

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S tudents in refugee camps in Greece receive d weekly homework packages if unable to connect to online platforms by phone or Internet ; The state of New South Wales in Australia has a long-standing practice of using technology to offer real-time distance teaching sessions through video conference lessons, phone lessons, satellite lessons and virtual excursions.

Among the most chat dating College Station TX challenges created by COVID is how to adapt a system of education built around physical schools.

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In Ireland, the Ministry of Education provided numerous resources online to support parents during school closures. During school closures, some countries have included a language component in their policy dating in Anchorage AK expats in order to foster the inclusion of these vulnerable groups. To respond to the challenges they face, countries have developed specific and sometimes innovative policy initiatives such as providing equitable and inclusive access to digital learning resources and good learning conditions, ensuring that socio-emotional needs are being met, offering equitable and inclusive access to extra services for vulnerable students, and ensuring support by and to teachers Figure 1.

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Even though it is difficult to directly respond to these challenges e. A of countries offer useful dating for over 50s San Francisco CA into some of the most equitable and inclusive solutions to provide access to digital learning resources and effective distance education. A study conducted in the Netherlands found that during school closures, even if nearly all parents stressed the importance of helping their children in keeping up with their study at home, students from advantaged socio-economic background received more parental support and had access to more educational resources than those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Precisely, it might foster the engagement and the sense of belonging of some vulnerable student groups and their family who may feel left out by immediate responses to the pandemic.

These students are likely to lose the most in terms of educational outcomes 10 and the support provided by schools if countries take insufficient measures to promote educational equity and inclusion. During the coronavirus crisis, many countries have been using digital pedagogical tools and virtual exchanges between students and their teachers, and among students, to deliver education as schools closed. In this case, the continuity of limited physical educational services and the availability of multi-languages resources, respecting hygiene and social distancing, can be key for many students.

Language can be an dating Corona rican man barrier to the inclusion in education of some diverse student groups, mainly for those from an immigrant background and some Indigenous communities. In New Zealand, a new online learning space, hard copy learning find someone for free Wilmington and special television programmes have been offered to reach all learners; The French Ministry of Education created and strengthened partnerships with several national media such as culture and education-oriented television and radio channels in order to offer further educational material and reach as many students as possible; This programme is mainly directed at primary students and has been broadcasted on the public television channel.

The answers have been weighted to for the of responses submitted for each country. Moreover, the National Association of School Psychologists has published some suggestions for communications with children, such as the importance to consider that children look to adults for guidance dating a native Corona girl how to react to stressful events, the need to acknowledge concern without panic and explaining preventive measures in appropriate terms; This comic explains what COVID is, how to protect yourself, and helps separate fact from fiction; The Spanish Ministry of Education and Professional Training created a web informing on the measures adopted during the crisis, 65 where it dedicated a section to the well-being and care of students and families.

To address this, the American School Counsellor Association provides advice to schools 54 about online counselling and other services during the COVID related school closures. In Portugal, schools, public and private organisations partnered in order to provide laptops and internet access to some students from disadvantaged backgrounds.