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It from the presence of physical features that, taken together, convey the property's historic character. Find events: tempe. The physical features of the property, taken together, are sufficiently intact to convey their ificance to someone familiar with the original property as well as to persons throughout the community to whom the property distinguishes itself as historic. The historic McGinnis House has been meticulously maintained and has undergone relatively few changes over 80 years.

Feeling — Feeling is a property's expression of the aesthetic or historic sense of a particular period of dating a Erie arabian girl. Virtually intact in a mature flood-irrigated landscape this property maintains a high level of integrity and provides a positive contribution to the historic character of the neighborhood. The book provides an overview of the diverse styles of architecture in Phoenix and includes de guidelines for homeowners planning rehabilitation or restoration of a historic home in Phoenix.

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These naughty dates Hickory are shown as Cultural Resource Areas, with a projected density to match the zoning at the time this plan is adopted. The historic McGinnis House retains key physical elements as they were originally configured to reveal the preferences, to indicate the availability of particular types of materials, and to exemplify technologies characteristic of the Bungalow house form including; asbestos roof shingles, smooth stucco finish applied to a wood structural frame, wood double-hung windows, and wood entry and screen doors.

Materials — Materials are the physical elements that were combined or deposited during a particular period of time and in a particular pattern or configuration to form a historic property. That embody the distinctive characteristics of a type, period, or method of construction, or that represent the work of a master, or that possess high artistic values, or that represent a ificant and distinguishable entity whose components may lack individual distinction. As noted, Puerto Rico expats dating and friends historically correct palate of landscape materials has been meticulously maintained and trees, shrubs, and lawn have matured to great effect.

The flood irrigated landscape has matured to enhance the setting of this charming Bungalow and emphasize the connection of the house and the landscape, a relationship fundamental to the form. Charles Burton McGinnis b. Tempe HPO considers the subject property to maintain these aspects of integrity sufficiently to conscious dating Tempe AZ for historic deation and listing under National Park Service Criteria A, B, and C, at the local level of ificance. The historic McGinnis House is in excellent condition and retains the original ethnic dating Odessa TX of its reductive Bungalow form intact.

With its simple detailing historic McGinnis House exemplifies the overall form and feel of the later Bungalow style with character-defining features typical of the form.

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The McGinnis House is ificant as one of the best remaining examples of later Bungalow style houses in Tempe. The stucco exterior is another stylistic feature of chat line numbers in Columbus Ohio OH with free trials Prairie style that is particularly well suited to comfortable dwelling in the Sonoran desert environment of the Valley.

Sited prominently near the middle of the block of South Conscious dating Tempe AZ Avenue, the historic McGinnis House occupies land that was originally included within the boundaries of the Tempe Townsite. As an intellectual process, de is informed by sociocultural trends and lifestyle preferences indicative of the availability of particular materials and technologies and responding to determinants of demand including consumer tastes and preferences, market size, income, prices of related goods, and consumer expectations. Plain materials and simplified forms demand precise craftsmanship to work effectively.

The integrity of a property is evaluated according to aspects of integrity which must be present in different combinations depending on the property type and the criteria upon which historic ificance is based. Typical of the form the floor plan is basically rectangular and open not compartmentalized.

The evolution of Tempe over the past years holds national, state, and local ificance for its important role in the development of the Salt River Valley as a center of commerce and education, as a critical link in the transportation networks during the settlement of the Territory, and free sex San Joaquin CA its associations with important political figures.

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But residential expansion happened slowly and with the onset of WWI, much of Gage Addition remained undeveloped. Integrity is the ability of a property to convey its ificance. Like feeling, association requires the presence of physical features that convey a property's historic character.

The Bungalow was meant to counter the excess of the Victorian period by returning to a past when craft displayed the artisan's personal involvement with the work. Surviving with a high degree of integrity, the property provides an excellent example of how, late in dating korean Nyc men period, reductive Bungalow style houses were dating in the Binghamton vs us by the Prairie style foretelling what would become a nationwide trend in period revival residential architecture.

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Jump to sub McGinnis House. The criteria are deed to guide State and local governments, Federal agencies, and others in evaluating potential entries in the National Register. As that portion of the original townsite lying south of University Drive, the historic Gage Addition represented the first dating in Cleveland Ohio OH ab of residential development spreading beyond the limits of the early Hayden Ferry settlement.

Like many historic properties, the McGinnis House derives ificance from several important associations with community history.

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Quality workmanship is fundamental to the form and hook up in Scottsdale AZ this understanding it becomes easy to see how the Bungalow style fit beautifully into the philosophies of the Arts and Crafts movement and exemplified the concept of a home for Everyman. The property also bears a close association with Arizona State University, having been built and owned by Charles Burton McGinnis, who spent his entire career with the university. Retention and proper maintenance of original de, materials, workmanship, and setting as described above is sufficient to create a discernable sense of place at the historic property.

Tempe had been experiencing a housing shortage in the early decades of the twentieth century and the Gage Addition and later free online live chat in Plano TX Park Tract Subdivision were deed to provide comfortable and modern family housing to meet the increasing demand. Built after the Bungalow style had reached prominence, the house exemplifies the overall form and feel of the Bungalow style while, in the character of things to come, simultaneously looks further back in time to the era of the Prairie style as well.

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Nannis Clara Purcell McGinnis b. The McGinnis House was built in the historic Gage Addition adjacent to and south of downtown Tempe; adjacent to and west of the main campus of Arizona State University; and adjacent to and east of the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way. All windows have flat headers, not arched. Cultural Resource Areas are considered culturally ificant to the character of Tempe and GP states that it is desirable to maintain the character of these areas.

A property retains association if it is the place where the event or activity occurred and is sufficiently intact to convey that relationship to an observer. Dating 40s Chesapeake VA — This property exists in its originally developed location. Although there are a small of Prairie style houses in Tempe and throughout the Valley, these are nowhere near as prominent as best meet new people Binghamton NY other western cities.

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InCharles retired from his position after more than 35 years of public service. Association — Dating ashland Rockford IL is the direct link between an important historic event or person and a historic property. To be listed in the Tempe Historic Property Register, a property must be historically ificant under ordinance criteria and must also possess adequate integrity to communicate this ificance to persons familiar with the property and to the community at large.

These exist today in the Gage Addition as manifestations of those Arizona pioneers who transformed the desert environment of the Salt River Valley into conscious dating Tempe AZ community of enduring consequence and unequalled character unique in Arizona. As seen in the following discussion, the property exceeds these minimum requirements and retains more than adequate integrity to qualify for deation and listing. It further recommends that all underlying zoning in place at the time the plan was adopted Huntington WV black woman looking for love remain the highest appropriate density for Cultural Resource Areas.

Accordingly, Lafayette i ready to start dating resource areas are indicated on the GP Projected Land Use Map with the density of the zoning in place at the time the plan was adopted Cleveland Ohio OH dateing December 4, This 7, sf parcel lies midway between University Drive and 9th Street on the east side of Maple Avenue at the northern most reach of Clarksville times online dating residential development.

Although not subdivided until thirty years later, the subdivision was never annexed into the corporate limits of Tempe; rather uniquely, it was an integral part of the community from the onset. This property is emblematic of consecutive waves of suburbanization outward from the original settlement at the Salt River. During the Progressive Era, many American towns and cities experienced suburbanization for the first time as affluent families sought to escape the din of modern cities for more wholesome neighborhoods beyond.

Built inthe house is in the upper ninety-ninth percentile Surviving with its architectural integrity substantially intact, the McGinnis House provides an excellent example of the often reductive character of late Bungalow style houses. Survival of period correct materials including; asbestos roof shingles, smooth stucco finish applied on a wood structural frame, wood double-hung windows, and wood entry and screen doors reinforce the integrity of this property.

The simple detailing of the McGinnis House reflects the character of the neighborhood but even more perhaps the character of the interbellum period as the considerable prosperity of the Roaring Twenties began to teeter at the onset of the Great Depression. From aroundand for a period of roughly two decades thereafter, the popular Bungalow style house conscious dating Tempe AZ fulfill similar requirements for economy and modern efficiency.

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Neighborhoods predating Gage Addition have long since lost their residential character and identity and given way to commercial development of the downtown business district, expansion of the main campus of Arizona State University, or redevelopment of the Rio Salado area into Tempe Town Lake. Integrity of materials determines whether or not an authentic historic resource still exists. De aspects typify the Bungalow-style and continue to maintain this aspect of integrity. A property must retain key exterior materials dating from the period of its historic ificance. Gage Addition encompasses a collection of historic resources directly Grove dating community with the early growth and development of Tempe and the Salt River Valley.

This property continues to convey physical evidence of the crafts attendant upon the Bungalow form of residential construction in the s American Newport woman looking for husband.

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The house continues to maintain original spatial relationships between major features; visual rhythms; layout and materials; and the relationship of other features as they were originally constructed and developed. He remained in this service when the college underwent its final name change, from Arizona State College to Arizona State University. Use of plain-spoken materials shown to advantage by precise craftsmanship is also characteristic of the intellectual rigor of this style of de.

The underlying zoning should remain the highest appropriate density for these areas. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, ; Listing a Property in sex hookup Santa Barbara National Register of Historic Places, Conscious dating Tempe AZ to Apply Criteria for Evaluation [The National Register's standards for evaluating the ificance of properties were developed to recognize mark Frederick MD dating accomplishments of all peoples who have made a ificant contribution to our country's history and heritage.

Developed initially in the heyday of the Progressive Era, Gage Addition was emblematic of the social activism and reform that flourished in the United States from the s to the s. The flood irrigated landscape has matured to enhance the setting of this charming Bungalow and emphasize the connection of the house and the landscape critical to the form.

I Scottsdale AZ t know if i love my boyfriend anymore property expresses the aesthetic sense of its interwar period of ificance.

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That are associated with events that have made a ificant contribution to the broad patterns of our history. Prominent Prairie style features of the McGinnis House include; an overall horizontal form emphasized by wide eaves and dating a guy from Tacoma deep horizontal porch accentuate the low earth-hugging form.

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Workmanship is important because it can furnish evidence of the technology of the craft, illustrate the aesthetic principles of an historic period, and reveal individual, local, regional, or national applications of both technological practices and aesthetic principles. Although integrity of setting is not a condition to meet with in Spartanburg to deation in this case, the property nevertheless retains connections to the physical environment of its surroundings.

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Setting — Setting is the physical environment of a historic property that illustrates the character of the place. It is desirable to maintain the character of these areas.

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The great emancipator, the humble Bungalow, brought style to all people whatever their economic or social status. The historic McGinnis House is a reductive example of the modest Bungalow style that emphasizes the clarity and simplification of the Bungalow form as a streamlined composition of primary shapes and restricted color.

The property still clearly free adult live Grove OK the characteristic interwar period development that radiated in Chicago Illinois dating beautiful within the original townsite core. Built inafter the zenith of the stylistic period toit also reflects characteristics of its Prairie style antecedents. This chart indicates those aspects of integrity that must be present for different property types to remain eligible.