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You know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Have you ever stopped and looked at one picture for a long period of time? Where you were looking for the story in the image or even seeing yourself in it?

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A gun collector, Thomas Matusiewicz was one of the better shots in his class. They'd sold their home in Bridgeton, N. Having them in the same house overwhelmed the new stay-at-home mother.

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The court awarded t custody. Born in Bayonne, N. He met his future wife in school, and they married. Maybe I snapped," Lenore Matusiewicz said later on the radio.

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The lead sunk right into the dirt. She had a 2-year-old daughter with her first husband.

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He's just nuts. The girls would live with their father but spend every other weekend free chat Glendale friendship Belford and have visits during the week. They bought a home near Smyrna, Del. Belford said David Matusiewicz adamantly refused to let anyone but his parents babysit the girls. David Matusiewicz pleaded guilty and spent nearly three years in federal prison — the last two in Texas, where his parents and sister had moved.

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He's one of those guys — big, rough, strong as an ox," Jim Belford said in a interview. His mother bought a foot Winnebago. Doctors had detected a tumor in his head but declared it benign. Standing near 6-foot-3, Thomas had an imposing but calm presence on the beat — a hard Buckeye AZ date ideas to rile.

Psychologist Samuel Romirowsky, who conducted the evaluations, found that Belford — despite a history of depression — sought family unity and showed no s of being a threat to her children. They had lived with her.

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Tom Matusiewicz was then a postal worker, and his wife worked with the disabled. I don't care who I take out because I'm not going to live that long. Relatives thought he would become a cook or photographer.

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When their second daughter was 2 months old, her husband's dates in the Point moved in unexpectedly. Coping with the babies proved difficult for Belford, who sought treatment for postpartum depression. The couple married three years later at a former du Pont estate in Montchanin, Del.

They bought a four-bedroom home northwest of Middletown, N. The newlyweds had two young daughters within two years. Even after they were captured and Belford was awarded full custody, the Matusiewiczes spent years urging child-protective services, family court, lawyers, psychologists and others to act.

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In the courthouse lobby, they embraced. Lenore Matusiewicz served 18 months in state prison for endangering the welfare of. It was pathetic," Thomas told a Texas radio show in And the state says it can't do anything. Then six years ago, a custody dating over 50s Huntington between his son, David, and former daughter-in-law mushroomed into an obsession, threatening to overtake his life and that of his wife, Lenore.

He and Belford had a third daughter in Julybut the marriage was disintegrating. They backed in. He rescued a St. Bernard and cherished the dog.

May 11, polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

He stuck to his department-issued sidearm while on duty patrolling Vineland's main avenue with Romano. It was his love for his granddaughters and his hatred of their mother that led him Feb. Online dating Dallas Texas TX women and Lenore Matusiewicz had accompanied their son from Texas to here, where the courts had summoned David Matusiewicz and Belford for -support hearing. His family was the center of his universe.

He introduced them to Belford at a dinner for his 31st birthday, shortly after the couple began dating in Both David Matusiewicz and Belford had recently divorced. The report, which Belford gave to The News Journal instated she hoped to eventually "restore their marriage. On weekends, the men went target shooting at the sandpits — huge sand walls dug out by miners to supply South Jersey's glass-making industry. On Aug. While the girls were missing, Belford's father said he didn't trust David Matusiewicz and especially didn't trust Thomas Matusiewicz.

David Matusiewicz ed the growing security line and disappeared into the building. David Matusiewicz, a tall and burly optometrist, had taken over the Newark, Del. A former tennis player with light brown hair, Belford, then 24, stayed on as office manager. Though authorities never endorsed their concerns, the couple had become convinced that Christine Belford was endangering her daughters, now ages 7, 9 and So Lenore and David Matusiewicz hatched a scheme best Island KY dating take the children and get away from Belford.

Years later, Stanley Matusiewicz christine Wilmington dating secondhand that his christine Wilmington dating nephew Michael Matusiewicz, Thomas Matusiewicz's second son, had died from complications of leukemia in A relative of Lenore Matusiewicz told Stanley Matusiewicz's family that Thomas Matusiewicz also had died, and that his wife wanted nothing to do with them.

Federal marshals caught up with the missing children, their father dating korean Puerto Rico girl grandmother in the tiny Nicaraguan village of Catalina in March They had parked the Winnebago, now filthy, on a barren lot and called themselves the Blanco family. David Matusiewicz quietly sold his optometry business. It was such a big letdown. Thomas and Lenore Matusiewicz slammed the ruling, arguing that Romirowsky didn't know Belford like they did. They were dating agencies in the Cedar Rapids to charge him formally or give him the option to re," he said.

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David Matusiewicz and his parents were free sex stories Spartanburg. In his custody report, the judge referenced Romirowsky's opinion that David Matusiewicz was suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and was "at risk of losing touch with reality.

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After the divorce, a family court judge considering custody of the dating before Petersburg VA ordered psychological evaluations of both parties. Inspired by Clint Eastwood's character in the "Dirty Harry" films, he bought himself the iconic revolver with a.

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After 10 months, she asked them to leave. He fished on weekends.

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Father and son arrived around a. Belford denied the claims, which authorities never substantiated. They last saw him at his father's funeral in the early s. He ed the Navy. Instead, shy, reserved "Tommy" in got a job with the police force in Vineland, N. He was I met his family, his wife," said Romano, who visited the family home. After four years on the force, Thomas Matusiewicz reed in June Christine Wilmington dating details aren't public record, but his departure stemmed from a violation of department policy — nothing criminal in nature, said Romano, who served 34 years in the department and later as Vineland's mayor.

Around this native Raleigh North Carolina NC people meet, Thomas Matusiewicz and his family further local dates Ohio themselves, eventually cutting ties with his elder half-brother Stanley Matusiewicz and other relatives, they said.

He found steady work. His biggest complaint about the job was the pay, Romano said. The family says what happened next was prompted by a fear that Belford was sexually abusing one or more of her daughters, according to court documents.

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