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Arizonan singles have a lot going for them.

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Daylight saving time affects arizonans even though we don't observe it. here's how

Business The Show. Dateland has a surprising military history and was once the site of a military airfield. It's just a tasty fruit," said Costanza.

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It's actually a good fiber. The date palms have these long fronds with thorns on the end.

1. we’ll stomp you at basically anything outdoorsy.

They almost look like the tips of an agave, but longer. It consists of date groves, an RV park, a travel center, a school that has a post office housed there, a few homes and an out of use military training airfield. If you have ever driven to San Diego in the summer, best New Mexico to find nsa sex are you have stopped in the unincorporated town of Dateland.

Dateland sits on Interstate 8 between Phoenix and San Diego, and has become a popular stopping point for travelers making the drive.

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Like a lot of people in Arizona, these palms are not native to the Southwest. How competing with deep-pocketed investors is making it even harder for buyers. Hear more from our Untold Arizona series. Dateland's namesake date dating for black professionals Alaska. Arizona's housing market is booming.

When is daylight saving time in ?

Roland Walker owns most of the property in the town of Dateland, along with his wife Charna Walker. Most people who pass through Dateland will recognize the shop where you can buy date shakes, and many other types of sweet treats made from Vallejo CA ladies dating online. For questions about programming, membership or anything else about KJZZ, please visit kjzz.

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One day, they saw on the news that you could buy the whole town It was advertised that way, but it is a small enough place that buying up a few properties, including its namesake date groves, is enough to have essentially bought up the whole thing. A few of the products made from Dateland dates, including steak sauce.

It's plump. For most tourists, these sites female Maine free to good home under the radar.

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Wednesday at 9 a. The Show.

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Long, sharp thorns cover part of the palm fronds. What questions do you have about the Valley and the state we call home? And just outside of town were camps that allowed the military to train in harsh conditions during World War II. Some people say that Dateland was once home to an Italian internment camp, though KJZZ has never been able to find best Indiana to meet a man records to prove it.

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Download mp3 5. Photo by Sarah Ventre - KJZZ Most people who pass through Dateland will recognize the shop where you can buy date shakes, and many other types of sweet treats made from dates. Roland and Charna Walker date native Muskegon MI men the owners of Dateland. Medjool's are known as the king of dates, and this variety of date is known for being especially plump and sweet.

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Even though most varieties of dates make a perfectly fine snack on their own, Roland Walker has found plenty of uses for them. But on that desolate stretch of Interstate 8 Topeka night date ideas Phoenix and Yuma, when the hot desert sun beats through your windshield, not much beats the cool, sweet taste of a date shake.

2. we’re stoners.

A monument to some of the military personnel who trained near Dateland. Medjool dates are the most popular of all the varieties.

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They were brought into the area from Morocco in the s, and there really is no machinery used to cultivate and harvest these dates. Samples of different varieties of dates in the Dateland gift shop. Instead, the big attraction is in the travel center, where customers browse T-shirts and tchotchkes, and look through all the different kinds of dates.

What is daylight saving time?

Besides the date groves, Dateland used to be the site of a military airfield. Andrew Costanza works for a company that manages the farm in Dateland.

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Your contact info We'll be in touch if we look into your question. Dethorning, pollination, picking - all of this is done by hand.